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Getting to Know Us

Universal Settlements International Inc. is a Canadian-domiciled company in the financial services sector which has been in existence for over a decade. USI specializes in packaging a suite of life settlement products known as the M-Series. USI facilitates the sale of interests in the benefits of life insurance policies to both institutional and individual purchasers, and is now a global force in the life settlements industry with representation across North America, South America, Central America, Asia and Europe.

In recent years there has been an increase in the sophistication of insured persons wishing to sell their life insurance policies, which are assets much like a house or a car. This has resulted in the emergence of a secondary market for life insurance policies, through which those wishing to dispose of their life insurance policy assets may do so. This secondary market is growing rapidly, exponentially in recent years, is forecasted to continue to do so, and has attracted retail and institutional clients alike. Insurance policies that are purchased on the secondary market are known as life settlements. USI packages life settlements into an investment product that is attractive to institutional and retail clientele alike.

USI has been acknowledged as an innovator in the industry from the day it created the Guaranteed Life Settlement (GLS®). This paved the way for USI to deliver a superior product - and the most secure life settlement product in the marketplace. USI was one of the first with a reinsured vehicle - GLS® - which could be used as a standalone product or as part of a portfolio in an integrated financial strategy. GLS® offers the sophisticated investor an attractive alternative that combines the opportunity to enjoy high growth with minimal risk and capital preservation with a protected minimum return in a product that is unaffected by stock market fluctuations, the economy or inflation.

Today, USI continues to be an innovator and enjoys worldwide acceptance of its products. Our latest innovation is the creation of the M-Series, a Unit Trust structure, which gives investors a greater deal of inherent diversity, and an even higher degree of safety than ever before. USI has always maintained that financial strength, credibility, integrity and professionalism must form an integral part of their corporate culture. USI is a strong advocate for industry regulations and a proponent for complete and proper disclosure practices. The commitment to these high standards has resulted in USI having representation in over 30 countries worldwide.

Universal Settlements International Inc. recognizes, understands and acknowledges its responsibility to provide products and services with integrity, respecting the trust placed in us for the prudent management of funds and to provide sound consulting services.


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